New Zealand – my dream wedding, honeymoon and vacation destination!

New Zealand is a small country, but there is so much to do and explore. As for the size and shape of Britain or Japan, it has a population of only four million, so it's gloriously deserted.

Populated barely a thousand years ago, New Zealand is one of the most pristine destinations in the world, with one-third of the land protected as a park or reserve. The landscape of New Zealand is incredibly beautiful and includes extensive mountain ranges, evaporated volcanoes, wide coastlines, mangrove vents with recessed openings, deep concave fjords and lush tropical forests. The temperate climate with relatively little seasonal variation makes it ideal throughout the year and is a haven for those seeking romantic getaway, peace, rejuvenation and relaxation, as well as a playground for thrill seekers and adventure seekers. Whether you're dreaming of a romantic beach wedding on Waiheke Island or surrounded by breathtaking beauty of New Zealand's highest peaks and glaciers, New Zealand is the perfect destination for weddings, honeymoons and vacations. To be honest, my story is not so interesting and unusual. I fell in love and decided to get married. But where?

I know that everyone wants their wedding to be the day they will always remember. Well, I can say that my wedding day was really special, but the best part was that it wasn't just one day – it was a whole month since we also had our honeymoon in New Zealand. What made it so special was my dream, my dream of visiting New Zealand. I know it probably sounds weird and you're wondering – why New Zealand? Whether because she is on the other side of the world, or maybe because she is so incredibly beautiful, or because of her alien nature, superb food and wine, exquisite festivals and fabulous outdoor activities. Whether you decide to get married in New Zealand, have a honeymoon in New Zealand, or just go on vacation, I can assure you that this will be a lifelong journey and one you will never forget.

To this day, I don't really know the reason. However, I know that I fell in love with New Zealand and I'm sure you will too. I can also say that I continue to dream of my next vacation in New Zealand and maybe even one day to move there – then I will honestly be able to say that I live my dream!