Chicago, IL Vacation Destinations 2008

Sears Tower

This is a must visit for any visitor to Chicago, Illinois. Standing 1,454 feet tall, this skyscraper really is a great sight! You can drive to this 110-story building in a 70-second lift and catch breathtaking views of Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin from the sky deck on 103rd floor. You can learn more about the history of Chicago and the construction of the tower right here.

Navy Pier

Chicago's Navy is lively with sights and sounds. There are fifteen Ferris floor wheels, lots of fresheners, IMAX theater, company performances and more. There is even a children's museum that you are children you will absolutely love. Kids can explore a whole bunch of things from dinosaurs to sailboats in this wonderful museum. Of course, there is a beautiful view of the lake, which is a treat for your eyes.

Planetarium and Astronomy Museum Adler

This 12-story building includes two celestial theaters, one of which is the first planetarium in this part of the world. Theaters allow you to get a close look at distant stars and planets. You will also enjoy Star Rider Theater, which features virtual reality using 3-D simulation technology.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Home and Studio

Guided tours are offered through this historic building, built in 1889 by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You can see Wright's studio and his chain, hanging with a chain, along with a playroom designed for his children. You will be amazed at the intricate design and exquisite features of this unique home.

Wrigley Field

A trip to Chicago is incomplete without a visit to this cozy stadium – the favorite pursuit of Chicago Kubs fans. The stadium opened for the first time in 1914 and boasts ivy-clad brick walls in the outer field and a hand-panel, just like in the previous era.

Field Museum of Natural History

Enter this force of knowledge and you are greeted by two massive elephants and Sue, the famous skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex in the museum. Here you will find a world of wonders in botany, geology, paleontology and more.

Chicago Botanical Gardens

Located 25 miles from the city, this place features recreated prairies, Japanese gardens and giant topiaries and nearly 20 varieties of gardens. Bee Line, a glass case with over 10,000 pollinating bees, is a major attraction. The garden is a 400-acre reserve and is a great picnic spot and a fun afternoon with the family.


Chinatown has a wide range of Chinese and Cantonese restaurants and offers a Far Eastern feel in the heart of Chicago. The place comes alive with colors and decorations during the Chinese New Year holidays. Visitors can search for deals in gift and book stores.

Be sure to try the true flavor of Chicago – the famous Chicago deep-dish pizza. It tastes like nothing you've had before. Plus, experience the magic of jazz and blues in the city's many live music clubs, because these are the things that make Chicago a great vacation destination. Chicago – This is not just a city. It's an experience you will never forget!