Maui Snorkeling – Best Places & Tips

On the beaches of Maui you will find many spectacular snorkeling dives. Snorkel gear can be rented by beach vendors or dive shops for less than $ 10 a week. Some suppliers also rent flotation devices and goggles.

Among the best Maui snorkeling beaches are Kapalua Beach, Black Rock, Kaanapali Beach in front of Sheraton and Qihei Coast and Whilea Coast.

Olowalu Beach is popular with snorkels that want to see turtles, but you need to swim about 150 to 225 feet offshore – you'll find a turtle cleaning station here (where turtles line up to have small parasites removed from the clean wounds), Great. However, the problem with swimming so far from shore here is that Olowalu is one of the more dangerous places for sharks. I prefer to see the tortoises on a snorkel cruise, in the Maui Ocean Center or on the beach of Punaluglu on the Big Island.

Crater trips in Molokini

Molokini Crater is another popular snorkeling destination and is one of Maui's most popular attractions. You may have seen photos of him in Hawaii travel brochures or websites. It is a partially sunken volcanic crater that consists of an incredible underwater sanctuary. It can get quite crowded here, but it's worth it!

The half-moon shape of Molokini, which we see above the water in all these travel brochures, is created by a partially submerged crater. And it is this crescent above the surface that protects the reef, allowing for amazing clarity that provides clear views of up to 150 feet of the approximately 250 species of fish that swim here. (So ​​Molokini is popular with divers as well.)

You can reach this famous Hawaii snorkeling dive site through a kayak or snorkeling tour. It is about 3 miles offshore, so consider this if you are looking for a kayak tour. As the sanctuary is a designated area for marine life and bird conservation in Hawaii, tourist boats use mooring buoys instead of anchors to protect the reef.

If you are planning to see dolphins and / or whales, you may be able to do all this in a snorkel cruise. For dolphin watching, mornings are best.