Vivacious Silent City: An extremely attractive tourist destination

The beauty of the stunning Mdina is irrefutable. This is Malta's old capital. He is ostensible for having a fearsome dungeon museum, an attractive St. Paul's Cathedral, a fearsome Chapel of St. Agatha Chapel, a captivating Mdina Museum of Natural History and Glasses. Mdina is a very attractive tourist destination in Malta.

The Underground Underground Museum is an underground museum. The Vilena Magical Palace hosts a small dungeon museum that was used as a prison in the Middle Ages. The drawings on the walls of this museum depict many horrific murders such as beheadings, hangings and other barbaric punishments.

Curious visitors need the courage to see skeletons in various poses, which are preserved in the museum of the dungeons with great care. Tourists get an exciting experience visiting this gloomy underground museum. Visitors should not skip this interesting tourist spot during their visit.

The charming St. Paul's Cathedral, built by renowned architect Lorenzo Gafa and dedicated to St. Paul, retains unique Baroque architecture. It provides shelter for a diverse collection of artifacts, attractive buildings and very exquisite paintings by Caribbean artist Mathieu Pretty. The masterpiece depicting the conversion of St. John is on display in this beautiful museum.

The attractive chapel of St. Agatha is one of the finest creations of the famous architect Lorenzo Gafa. The chapel, which was rediscovered in 1696, is dedicated to St. Agatha. It opens on the fifth of February each year for celebration. But now it opens every day. Visitors can see the magnificent chapel of St. Agatha in Mdina, which fascinates tourists.

The Natural History Museum mesmerizes tourists. The outdated building, designed by the famous architect Charles Fran├žois de Mondion, hosts this fascinating museum. It shows many attractive collections of different raw materials, rocks, minerals, rock habitats, valuable information in geology and paleontology. This is a place worth seeing.

Vivacious Mdina is very much into the glass industry. Mdina glasses are known worldwide for their delicacy. They are used extensively for home decoration. Tourists get the chance to buy exquisite glassware on the streets of Mdina. Visitors should remember to collect these uniquely designed glasses as a memento of the trip.

Mdina is well known for its innumerable beauty and relaxed atmosphere. A trip to the graceful city of Mdina always fascinates tourists. Visitors can explore the glittering and serene Mdina and can collect a daunting rental car rental from Malta.