Vacation ideas for 2011

Tourists all over the world are always looking for holiday destinations of their choice. There are a large number of holiday destinations worldwide. The number is so large that it can create complete confusion when choosing your location. Each of the continents is full of many natural and man-made wonders and fervently awaits tourists from all over the world. Below is a list of the best holiday destinations for 2011.

2011 Top Holiday Destinations

It really is a difficult task to choose the best ones. Whatever it is, we've identified some of the best destinations for your convenience.

Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil

In this Brazilian city you can find the perfect combination of sun, sea, shine, shine and of course samba. Attractive beaches, beautiful seaside courtyards and the presence of a large number of resorts, restaurants, nightclubs and bars have added to the city's attraction. In addition, the exciting city will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Naturally, major developments are taking place that draw huge crowds to the city.

South Africa

This year, only the country successfully hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2010. It might be a great idea to visit this place in 2011 for a holiday, as all the necessary arrangements for visitors are still very much there in the country. It boasts breathtaking natural beauty, beautiful beaches and an exciting repertoire of wildlife. On the other hand, cities like Cape Town, Cape Point and Kirstenbosch are really rich in culture and history. In addition to these world-famous wines, hiking in the Tablel Mountains and the incredible Hermanus Whales are major tourist attractions.

Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar may be one of the best places to visit. The Doha-Tribeca Film Festival attracts a large number of visitors to the site. Next year will be the third edition of this event – Doha is really trying to make it a major international event. The city hosts the Asian Football Cup in January. All of this made Doha an exciting vacation spot for 2011.

Cheap hotels in Stockholm, Sweden

The city is home to many underrated wonders and discoveries. Tourists who reach this city should visit places such as the streets of medieval Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace. One of the main attractions of this Scandinavian city is Jurgerden. This Game Park is famous for its beautiful green spaces, picturesque beauty, events and parks. It will definitely not be a bad idea to visit the Swedish capital for the holidays 2011.