Travel destination in Japan – Kamakura

Located southeast of Tokyo, Kamakura is the route of almost all tourists. It used to be the political capital of the country. Later, his fame as a capital was lost to another city, but he remains a favorite tourist destination.

Kamakura has many attractions that bring tourists to this small town in large numbers, usually as a day trip from Tokyo. Set in an outdoor, scenic location, it is Japan's second tallest bronze Buddha statue. It is 13.35 meters high and is second to that of the Nadiya Temple in Toji. The Temple for the Goddess of Mercy Kanon sits in Hasendera. The 9.18 meters high goddess has eleven heads representing her various characteristics. Adjacent to the temple is the Amida-do Hall, which houses a three-meter high golden Buddha. From there you can visit the observation deck, which offers magnificent views of the city, and back at the base of the slope lies a beautiful garden with a temple – Benten-do – dedicated to the goddess of feminine beauty and wealth.

Kamkura's most valuable sanctuary is Tsurugaoka. It is dedicated to Hahiman, the god Samurai. The main hall has a museum that displays swords, masks and documents – the real treasures of the sanctuary. Of the five temples of Kamakura Zen, the Engakugji Temple is the most famous. The foundations of the temple include Shariden, a well-designed hall where Buddha's tooth rests. Engakunji glows color in the fall.

Kamakura's beaches come alive with people during the summer months as millions gather in the historic city to witness the New Year's celebrations. In the spring, it is a custom for the Japanese to visit the Zenari Benten Shrine to wash money. This is thought to double the money – it's worth a shot.