New Zealand – my dream wedding, honeymoon and vacation destination!

New Zealand is a small country, but there is so much to do and explore. As for the size and shape of Britain or Japan, it has a population of only four million, so it's gloriously deserted.

Populated barely a thousand years ago, New Zealand is one of the most pristine destinations in the world, with one-third of the land protected as a park or reserve. The landscape of New Zealand is incredibly beautiful and includes extensive mountain ranges, evaporated volcanoes, wide coastlines, mangrove vents with recessed openings, deep concave fjords and lush tropical forests. The temperate climate with relatively little seasonal variation makes it ideal throughout the year and is a haven for those seeking romantic getaway, peace, rejuvenation and relaxation, as well as a playground for thrill seekers and adventure seekers. Whether you're dreaming of a romantic beach wedding on Waiheke Island or surrounded by breathtaking beauty of New Zealand's highest peaks and glaciers, New Zealand is the perfect destination for weddings, honeymoons and vacations. To be honest, my story is not so interesting and unusual. I fell in love and decided to get married. But where?

I know that everyone wants their wedding to be the day they will always remember. Well, I can say that my wedding day was really special, but the best part was that it wasn't just one day – it was a whole month since we also had our honeymoon in New Zealand. What made it so special was my dream, my dream of visiting New Zealand. I know it probably sounds weird and you're wondering – why New Zealand? Whether because she is on the other side of the world, or maybe because she is so incredibly beautiful, or because of her alien nature, superb food and wine, exquisite festivals and fabulous outdoor activities. Whether you decide to get married in New Zealand, have a honeymoon in New Zealand, or just go on vacation, I can assure you that this will be a lifelong journey and one you will never forget.

To this day, I don't really know the reason. However, I know that I fell in love with New Zealand and I'm sure you will too. I can also say that I continue to dream of my next vacation in New Zealand and maybe even one day to move there – then I will honestly be able to say that I live my dream!


Mexican Vacation Packages – Browse the most popular destinations and your options

Mexico offers lots of fun for all kinds of visitors. It is often the first foreign country many American travelers visit. Whether you want to explore the Mayan ruins, settle on a beach, sightseeing in a big city, or shop, you can count on finding vacation packages in Mexico that match your interests.

With the right travel package, nothing will be left to chance. Your arrangements will be secured from the moment you arrive at the airport until you arrive at your home. The country is known for its incredible all-inclusive resorts located in all popular tourist spots. You can also cruise the Mexican Riviera.

It is up to you whether you want to book your plane ticket and accommodation at once. Some packages include airline tickets and some don't. There are dozens of airports in the US that offer nonstop flights to top Mexican destinations. Even if you do not live near an international airport, you can still find many connections. It's important to check with a reliable travel price comparison site to see all prices and see all options.

Where should you go?

Some of Mexico's most popular vacation packages include the following:

• Cancun

• Los Cabos

• Crazy

• Riviera Maya

• Mazatlan

• Vallarta Nayarit

• Oaxaca

• Mexico City

• Playa del Carmen

• Guadalajara

• Puerto Vallarta

This is a versatile selection of places. Although the weather in Mexico is always nice and warm, not all beaches. There are heavily populated cities and historic sites with ancient ruins to explore as well.

If possible, you may want to stay at a resort that includes everything so you can trust that you will ever need it, from dining to comfortable, private bathrooms. If you are the type who wants to get out there, consider booking a rental car with your plane ticket and hotel stay. The leading discount travel sites will give you the opportunity to do so. The minimum number of days you will need varies depending on the package.

There is no rule that says that you should stick to only one destination when browsing vacation packages in Mexico. You may want to consider a Mexican cruise. Some Caribbean cruise routes include Mexican cities such as Cozumel. Look for shore excursions for some fun activity ideas to do while in port. Like all-inclusive resort packages, cruises range from three to several nights.

Get a discount on Mexico vacation packages online. Promo codes and coupons will help you get a huge chunk of your next travel order. There are also compulsory tools and apps available to help you find the cheapest plane tickets, hotels, car rental rates, and more.


Phuket Island – A popular travel destination in Thailand

Phuket has become one of the best holiday destinations in Southeast Asia and is one of Thailand's busiest travel destinations. He replaced Bali as the most popular holiday island in the region.

What makes Phuket Island such a great travel destination?

Phuket is first and foremost a cheap holiday destination. Hotels, resorts and guest houses in Phuket can be found in all price categories, and ratings and rates are significantly cheaper than what anyone in Europe or America would find.

Eating at restaurants or buying drinks at Phuket bars or clubs is also less expensive than what most tourists are used to paying back to their home countries.

Beaches in Phuket

The beaches lined with palm trees on Phuket are of course world-renowned for their crystal white sand and the clear waters of the Andaman Sea. One of the most beautiful and popular beaches found on Phuket Island are the beaches in Patong, Kamala, Karon, Kata and Nai Harn.

Phuket nightlife

Phuket nightlife is another reason why many tourists visit Phuket every year on holiday. Many tourists seem to keep coming back every year, especially for Phuket's nightlife and bars.

Most of Phuket's nightlife spots can be found at Patong Beach along the famous Soi Bangla. A number of major clubs are located along Bangla Road in Patong, including the very popular Tiger Disco and the new Seduction Disco.

You can also find hundreds of beer bars along the Bangla Road and many small streets leading to Soi Bangla. Each beer bar has a number of beautiful Thai ladies who work for them who are there to please the customers.

Shopping in Phuket

In the past, shopping in Phuket was not one of the most interesting activities for tourists because of the lack of a wide variety of shops and products. Most stores sold the same custom-made clothes, movies and software, and fake designer clothes.

Over the last few years, however, a number of major Phuket shopping centers have opened, featuring well-known international retailers, unique local boutiques, as well as international outlets such as Outback Steakhouse and Burger King.

If you are going to visit Phuket for a vacation, please be sure to visit the brand new Phuket Junkceylon Mall in Patong or the Central Carnival Mall along the Phuket Bypass.


Travel destination in Japan – Yakushima Island

Yakushima is an island located off the southeast coast of Japan. It has been officially recognized by UNESCO and has been on the World Heritage List since 1993. Yakushima is an exceptional travel destination, even called a magical island, since more than seventy-five percent of the place is covered with dense forests and mountains. The mountain peaks are covered with snow in winter and the climate is subtropical in coastal areas. These mountains receive heavy rainfall, which makes Yakushima's climate more juicy than other parts of Japan. The word Yakushima means Medicine Island and herbologists around the world have long cultivated local herbs for various medicines.

With one main road that traverses the island, beautiful mountains, trails and waterfalls along the way attract many tourists and nature lovers. Fruit gardens and museums are one of the main tourist attractions that make Yakushima a charming place. The orchard is on the southwest coast of the island, offering a relaxing stroll between tropical trees and fruit trees. Museums and visitor centers in Yakushima showcase the natural wonders of the island. They also provide knowledge of the history of Yakushima Island.

This mountainous region offers plenty of beautiful scenery. There are two waterfalls, Okonotaki and Senpironotaki, just off the main road. There are also beaches spread over the island, the most famous of which is Nagata-inaka-hama. If you happen to visit the island between the months of May and August, you may encounter giant sea turtles. They come ashore to lay their eggs late at night (or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it), between 1am and 2am.

Some buses run between the island's main destinations, but renting a car in Yakushima is practically mandatory. It's quite far from Tokyo and requires a ferry or a flight from Kagoshima, but it's worth the trouble for those of you who are hungry for some adventure.


Chicago, IL Vacation Destinations 2008

Sears Tower

This is a must visit for any visitor to Chicago, Illinois. Standing 1,454 feet tall, this skyscraper really is a great sight! You can drive to this 110-story building in a 70-second lift and catch breathtaking views of Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin from the sky deck on 103rd floor. You can learn more about the history of Chicago and the construction of the tower right here.

Navy Pier

Chicago's Navy is lively with sights and sounds. There are fifteen Ferris floor wheels, lots of fresheners, IMAX theater, company performances and more. There is even a children's museum that you are children you will absolutely love. Kids can explore a whole bunch of things from dinosaurs to sailboats in this wonderful museum. Of course, there is a beautiful view of the lake, which is a treat for your eyes.

Planetarium and Astronomy Museum Adler

This 12-story building includes two celestial theaters, one of which is the first planetarium in this part of the world. Theaters allow you to get a close look at distant stars and planets. You will also enjoy Star Rider Theater, which features virtual reality using 3-D simulation technology.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Home and Studio

Guided tours are offered through this historic building, built in 1889 by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You can see Wright's studio and his chain, hanging with a chain, along with a playroom designed for his children. You will be amazed at the intricate design and exquisite features of this unique home.

Wrigley Field

A trip to Chicago is incomplete without a visit to this cozy stadium – the favorite pursuit of Chicago Kubs fans. The stadium opened for the first time in 1914 and boasts ivy-clad brick walls in the outer field and a hand-panel, just like in the previous era.

Field Museum of Natural History

Enter this force of knowledge and you are greeted by two massive elephants and Sue, the famous skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex in the museum. Here you will find a world of wonders in botany, geology, paleontology and more.

Chicago Botanical Gardens

Located 25 miles from the city, this place features recreated prairies, Japanese gardens and giant topiaries and nearly 20 varieties of gardens. Bee Line, a glass case with over 10,000 pollinating bees, is a major attraction. The garden is a 400-acre reserve and is a great picnic spot and a fun afternoon with the family.


Chinatown has a wide range of Chinese and Cantonese restaurants and offers a Far Eastern feel in the heart of Chicago. The place comes alive with colors and decorations during the Chinese New Year holidays. Visitors can search for deals in gift and book stores.

Be sure to try the true flavor of Chicago – the famous Chicago deep-dish pizza. It tastes like nothing you've had before. Plus, experience the magic of jazz and blues in the city's many live music clubs, because these are the things that make Chicago a great vacation destination. Chicago – This is not just a city. It's an experience you will never forget!


5 most dangerous countries for traveling with children

People travel for a variety of reasons, such as business, entertainment and learning, just to name a few. While some like to explore new cultures and environments, others choose to travel and volunteer at disaster sites. Some travel to relax and some travel to experience the experiences and challenges they cannot experience at home. Nevertheless, traveling becomes a more satisfying experience when you have your children with you.

Although there are inherent risks of traveling anywhere in the world, there are some countries that are very dangerous for traveling with children. And this can be due to many reasons: natural terrain, political unrest, climatic conditions, violent gangs and more. Although you may have travel insurance for children, it is still helpful to determine which countries are not safe for them. So, without further adoration, here are 5 of the most dangerous countries for traveling with children.

# 1. Brazil

Brazil is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is full of breathtaking views beyond this world-class tourist spot. However, this country also has epic crime, with the homicide rate four times higher than in the US.

# 2. Russia

If you are in remarkable architecture and love to experience Eastern culture, Russia is where you need to be. But keep in mind that hate crime has increased dramatically in this country over the last few years. Traveling with your children to the southern states, in particular, is considered risky due to political unrest and terrorist activity.

# 3. Zimbabwe

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, Zimbabwe is widely known for its stunning Victoria Falls and huge game parks. But like the countries mentioned above, it is also highly volatile and prone to political upheavals. Even worse, it suffers from worsening economic conditions that leave many locals desperate. Before planning a trip to this country, make sure that your travel insurance for children covers it.

# 4. Haiti

Haiti is perhaps among the few countries in the world with some of the Caribbean's most striking natural conditions. Unfortunately, the country has become a home for angry violent crimes and abductions, with reports that most of the victims were beaten and raped.

# 5. Kenya

Kenya has the qualities of a natural wonder and is known for Nairobi National Park. There is no doubt that this East African country has some of the best game views in the world. Obviously Kenya has become one of the most criminal countries in Africa. In fact, most of its tourist destinations have become a haven for armed attackers, thieves, pickpockets and even terrorists.

Of course, the countries mentioned above are just a few of the many destinations where travelers are advised to avoid everywhere. All of them are also at the top of most insurers. While the beauty and experience in these countries offer first-class facilities, you absolutely do not want to risk traveling there with your children. Not only worth it.


Best tips for visiting the Netherlands during tulip season

There is nothing like a colorful sea of ​​flowering tulips. Not many people can claim to have seen the phenomenon. If so, it was probably in the Netherlands, the unofficial capital of tulips. For a wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating spring break over the weekend, take a trip to the country of tulips, also home to picturesque towns, great beer, cheese and souvenirs in the form of clogs.

Activities related to tulips

No visit to the Netherlands between late March and late May is complete without a trip to the Keukenhof Gardens, where the natural world really comes to life, displaying more spectacular colors than you would find anywhere else. The massive park is dedicated to tulips. Each year, the flowers are planted in different formations and color shades to celebrate a particular theme. In 2012, Poland, the heart of Europe, is at the center of the bi-monthly extravagance of tulips. Expect to hear classical music from the Chopin repertoire and the like, as organizers believe flowers and music are a match made in heaven.

Keukenhof events in 2012 will include the Chopin Weekend on March 24 and 25, the Dutch Costume Festival on March 30 and April 1, and the Easter Hat Parade on April 9, and many more. No wonder the CNN network has declared Keukenhof one of the best destinations of the year worldwide!

The shuttle buses to the attraction depart regularly from the Schiphol station and central Amsterdam.

Nearby you will also find huge fields for tulip bulbs that can be explored on foot or by bike. The fields are fully operational and much wilder than Keukenhof's tidy flower beds. A guided tour is offered for those wishing to learn more about how tulips have become one of the most famous national symbols of the Netherlands, how new varieties are being developed and what it takes to grow a healthy batch of tulips.

Other activities

It is mandatory for visitors to the Netherlands to take a boat tour of Amsterdam, Leiden or other cities with developed canal systems. The tours are guided and give a great idea of ​​how local life and livelihoods have changed over the years with the development of the industry. The views of the boats are unmatched.

Gourmet travelers will enjoy excursions to some of the best farms and markets in the country. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are the Henri Willig Cheese Farms and the Clara Maria Cheese Factory and the Cork Factory. Both offer visitors the opportunity to taste traditional cheeses.

Brewery tours are another good way to spend time in the Netherlands. In central Amsterdam, take Brouwerij t & # 39; Ij or go south and visit Brouwerij De Molen in Bodegraven, South Holland.

Use the best of your time in the Netherlands by combining travel to see flowers and other rural holiday destinations in the city. The small country also boasts an excellent frequent train system connecting all major cities from Amsterdam to Groningen to Maastricht.

If you are flying to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, it is only a short train ride from the central train station. To give you the opportunity to explore as many sights as possible without having to plan internal transfers to the city, then book your stay at the Amsterdam Hotel next to the Double Tree by Hilton train station.


Survey of small towns in western Aruba

Although the western hotel zone and the capital of Oranestad – located along the southwest coast – stand as Aruba's main tourist destinations, there are numerous small towns throughout the island that offer unique opportunities for sightseeing. In the western half of the island, just a short trip from both the western beaches and Oranestad, tourists will find several unique communities that offer not only distinctive sights and experiences, but also convenient access to many of the most valuable historical and natural landmarks to Aruba.


Just a short drive north of Oranestad, Noord is home to some of Aruba's most popular historical landmarks. In the heart of the city, visitors will discover the Church of Santa Anna – also known as St. Anna – a breathtaking worship house known for its 19th century hand-carved altar. Although the Church of Santa Anna was renovated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the parish has been a staple in Nordic daily life since 1776.

Just north of Santa Anna Church, perched on a windy hill overlooking Aruba's north shore, travelers will find the famous Alto Vista Chapel. Known for its distinctive yellow exterior and unparalleled views of the Caribbean, the Alto Vista Chapel has long been one of Aruba's most photographed landmarks. Noord also provides easy access to the California Lighthouse, another popular scenic destination near the northwestern part of the island.

The city of Noord can be reached from Oranestad and the west coast in just a few minutes. Travelers visiting the city from Oranestad can follow Caya Francisco D. Figaroa north of the heart of the city, while those staying near Palm Beach can reach the North by following Route 3 east to the easily spotted Santa Anna Church .


Just a few miles southeast of North, travelers will find the relaxing city of Paradera. Although Paradera is one of the lesser known communities of Aruba, this area near the center of the island is not a small activity. Just a short drive from the heart of Paradera, travelers can explore the rock formations of Kashibari, a field of mysteriously shaped stones with well-maintained hiking trails. Visitors who rock some of the largest stones among the rock formations of Casibari will enjoy excellent views of Paradera, Santa Cruz and Aruban province.

You can reach Paradera from Oranestad by following Route 6 to the north coast or resorts on the west beach, following Route 4 or scenic Route 3 through Kalbas.

Santa Cruz

In the center of the island, visitors will discover the city of Santa Cruz – a community known primarily for its proximity to a wide variety of outdoor attractions and recreational opportunities. Tourists visiting Santa Cruz from the west coast often stop at the former home of the Natural Bridge – once one of Aruba's most photographed natural landmarks. Although the Natural Bridge collapsed in 2005, the nearby Baby Bridge is now celebrated as an equally scenic destination.

Aruba's main recreational and eco-tourism destination – Arikok National Park – is located east of Santa Cruz. Within the park, adventure tourists can explore everything from rugged desert landscapes, fields of unique local flora, volcanic peaks that offer views of the island and the Caribbean, and even historic caves, including Fontaine Cave and Guadirikiri Cave.

Just a short drive from Santa Cruz, travelers can also scale the 541-foot peak known as the Hooiberg. As Hooiberg has steps and railings right up to the top, the mountain is a popular tourist destination for families and travelers looking for a casual outdoor getaway. From the tip of Huberg, visitors will be able to admire views stretching across the island, and on clear days even on the continent of South America.

The city of Santa Cruz and its nearby leisure destinations can be reached from Oranestad on Route 6 or from the western beach areas, taking Route 3 to Paradera, then following Route 6 north to Arricoc National Park.

While beaches, resorts and Oranestad's cosmopolitan capital are certainly Aruba's largest drawings, smaller communities scattered throughout the western half of the island allow tourists to take a more complete picture of the island. The best part is that the roads to many of the island's most famous destinations go through cities such as Noord and Santa Cruz, and tourists can experience the other side of Aruba conveniently and conveniently.


Destination Singapore

Just one of the most exciting metropolises to visit and a vacation destination beyond compare, this island country has and continues to attract millions around the world. A well-known and thriving cosmopolitan city as it is, no wonder then to find many cheap flights to Singapore. Whoever referred to it as the "little red dot" probably didn't see the country in all its glory. Overflowing with diversity as well as diversity of cultures, languages, arts and architecture, the country offers more than just a world-class living environment.

An ubiquitous collage of countless cultures, different ethnicities and beliefs, existing and many more, Singapore is easily one of the places to visit in Asia. It is an inspiring nation full of scenery, populated by skyscrapers and beautiful parks and gardens, stunning seascapes and warm and welcoming locals. A trip to Singapore is exciting, relaxing, enriching and unforgettable, all at once. If you are in Singapore for a few days, you may want to extend your stay. There are so many things to do and consider here that most tourists come here well equipped with a rather long stay. Singapore's dynamic and lively art scene is a celebration for the senses. Explore several art museums, general and specialist galleries, and exhibition spaces for some dekko in works by international and local artists. Take a look at its huge ecosystem, including the great wealth of nature and wildlife.

Explore the tropical forests and wetlands for a relaxing experience, or just stroll through the beautifully landscaped gardens and parks of the island, there are too many of them here. if you happen to visit Singapore with your family, then a trip to Sentosa is a must. Offering the best in exciting entertainment for young and old alike, this is an all-around attraction that is perfect for a family getaway. Have fun with DUCK or HIPPO tours, go crazy playing adventure sports, touring the artificially created island on an outdoor bus, experience exotic marine life or a beach party after sunset. The safest place to be, Singapore offers bright lights as a company even at 2am. Sometimes you want to be where the whole action is, to feel in the middle of all the commotion. That's why places like Boat-Quay and Clark-Quay are big hits amongst nighttime revelers. A great range of restaurants to choose from, a great variety of discos, pubs and bars to choose from, and the company of a beautiful lake on your side, what more could you ask for?

Singapore is extremely popular not only because of the variety of experiences it offers, but also the fact that it welcomes all kinds of tourists. You can wish for a luxury stay here or just make a cheap hotel and a cheap car rental, enjoy all the pleasures or be satisfied with your stay in bed and breakfast and all the free offers the place has to offer. No matter what you want and how you want it, you'll find it here.


Arugambay – 5 Reasons to Visit Paradise at Arugambay Surfers Paradise

Are you a keen surfer? If so, you can immediately recognize the name Arugam Bay. Even if you are not, you may be interested in learning more about this popular tourist attraction. Arugam Bay is a sleepy little village 320 km east of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka and is ranked among the top ten surf destinations in the world. In this article I will tell you 5 good reasons to visit Arugam Bay.

Arugam Bay is not your typical surf destination with modern amenities. Rather, it is a community-based destination where small guest houses and an unusual star hotel lie side by side. This does not make it less attractive to regular visitors who make repeated visits each year. Although the destination was devastated by the tsunami in 2004 and the conflict, the enterprising community of Arugam Bay has returned to its old glory. Many improved routes that reduced travel time by almost an hour and a half and the return of tranquility made Arugam Bay a destination you should not miss.

Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Arugam Bay:

  1. It is the third highest rated among the ten surfing destinations in the world. So if you are a surfing enthusiast or interested in learning to surf, this is just the place for you. You don't even have to wear your gear, as you can hire surf equipment from local teams that also offer beginner surfing training. It boasts over 10 surf points and the waves are great between April and October, and is also the scene for local and international surfing competitions organized during this period.
  2. From November to April, the sea is great for snorkeling and diving, and the conditions are right if you're looking for a relaxing getaway. Accommodation rates can get quite low and you can find a pretty decent room with basic amenities for about $ 15 a night.
  3. If you are a wildlife lover, the excellent wildlife sanctuaries are only minutes from this destination. The Lagugala Sanctuary, known for its elephants, is no more than 20 minutes away by car. You can even pass some of these majestic beasts if you're on the road, if you take the inland route to get here. The Cumana Bird Sanctuary is located just 10 km south of Arugam Bay, and birds from Siberia are known to migrate to this place to escape from winter.
  4. The sand dunes in Panama allow you to wander around a pristine stretch of land and even go on a jeep safari to the dunes. The dunes in Potuville are much closer, but it is located in a lively small town, but no less attractive in its own small way.
  5. The area near Arugam Bay also boasts many ancient monuments. The Kudumbibala Archaeological Reserve hosts monastery caves dating from around the 12th century AD. The ancient Okanda temple, dedicated to Lord Skanda, located on a rocky slope south of Arugam Bay, is believed to be included in the Sinbad Tales of the Sailor. Monuments related to the southern kingdom of Magama for almost a thousand years have been discovered in Potuville, by the dunes and at the Lahugala shrine. It is said to have been built in honor of the mother of warrior king Dutugemunu of the kingdom of Aradhapura.

The sights of Arugam Bay are so numerous, numerous and serve visitors with different interests. It's just amazing that so many attractions have to lie so close to each other. Coupled with the extremely friendly service from the villagers who run the facilities, I would strongly recommend you visit here, especially if you are on a small budget.