Santa’s chances of dealing with Bitcoin at the end of the year are slowing. The semi-annual trend is ongoing and does not seem incurable until it reaches age. All hope is that BTC will be discontinued next May, but is it really the reincarnation that everyone wants? Again Bitcoin’s Bitcoin Two hours ago, Bitcoin crashed […]

Frequent Flyers Don’t Worry

Loosen up, nail-biting, sedative popping frequent flyers. Travelling on scheduled United States airlines is safer than it ever has been, with no fatalities in 2002 and only one death in 32.6 million passenger departures in 2003, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, a quasi-independent agency that examines why planes crash and what happens when […]

Road Trip Partners – Friend Or Foe?

Unless you’re going on a road trip with your family – in which case you don’t have a choice – the selection of your road trip partner(s) is one of the most important choices you make when planning your vacation. Road trip partners who seem obvious, like your best friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend, may not […]

Adventure Traveling in Naples, Florida

You can make your trip to Naples, Florida an exciting one by taking part in some of the available activities and adventures while you're here. So let's talk about a few of them. Hiking and walking Exploring nature Fishing and boating Kayaking Stand up paddle-boarding Learning to kite-board Let's start with hiking and walking because […]

How to Pick an Officiant For Your Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. If you feel like you know the steps to pick the dress, flowers, etc, but don't really know how to choose an officiant, you are not alone. This item stumps many couples. Here are steps to take to find the right officiant for your wedding. First, ask friends who have […]

Taj Mahal Agra Tour

Taj Mahal Agra tour is one of the most revered tours to incredible India. Tourists want to visit Tam Mahal once in lifetime. The itinerary of Taj Mahal Agra tour will take one to Taj Mahal, the most extravagantly built monument on Love. While touring Agra one can explore also other Mughal monuments at Fatehpur […]

Germany Travel Tip – Explore the Braunfels Castle

It looks like coming directly out of a fairy tale, but it's true: On the top of a basalt rock, Castle Braunfels (in Germany) with its magnificent silhouette majestically overlooks the town and greets its visitors from afar. Family-owned for 800 years, the castle is a living cultural monument full of exceptional art treasures and […]

Kinnerasani Wild Life Sanctuary

Kinnerasani wild life sanctuary, one of the famous sanctuaries of Andhra Pradesh located on the bank of river Godavari. This sanctuary offers a glimpse to Andhra pradesh's wild life and bio diversity. The sanctuary is from 12 km from Paloncha in Khammam district. Covering an area of ​​635.4 sq- km this sanctuary forms a part […]