Best weekend getaway – 6 affordable, US and international destinations

If you have a long weekend and want to take advantage of the extra day off, why not go on a day trip? What is the point of staying home when there are so many places waiting to be explored? Nowadays, travel does not involve much advance planning. You can take a two or three-day route very easily. There may be some last-minute deals to pick up too. Where should you go? Here are some of the best weekend getaways (home):

Tucson, Arizona

If you don't mind the heat of the desert, Tucson is a nice, accessible place to visit. There are many things to do outdoors, such as visiting the Saguaro National Park and exploring the Barrio Historico. Head to Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum to see native plants and animals in stunning scenery. It is VERY easy to find a nice hotel in this city for under $ 100 per night.

Kansas City, Mexico

Right in the middle of America, Kansas City is an affordable destination that offers a lot of fun for a weekend getaway. Many of the attractions such as the Museum of Art are free to visit. If you are a sports fan, head to Kaufman Stadium or Arrowhead Stadium to catch a game.

Austin, Texas

One of the best weekend getaways in Texas is the city of Austin. It's especially fun to visit if you love music. On Sixth Street you will find both famous bands and new bands performing their best songs. Go to the Austin Zoo if you want to see all kinds of creatures: scaled, fluffy and feathered. There are many budget hotels with free breakfast.

Here are some of the best weekend getaways to international destinations:

Cheap hotels in Guadalajara, Mexico

This is a cheap destination if you are flying from a major US city. There is no shortage of affordable accommodation. It is usually cheaper to choose a vacation package that includes a plane ticket and a hotel room. There are lots of fun things to do when looking at cultural institutions like the Museo Huichol Wixarica de Zapopan, the Clemente Orozco Museum.

Brussels, Belgium

Airlines such as WOWAir offer affordable airline tickets to European destinations. Brussels in particular is an affordable getaway involving 500+ hotels. It's easy to find a four-star hotel for $ 100 a night or less. This beautiful, historic city is definitely worth a visit.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Although there are many affordable destinations in the Caribbean, the best weekend getaways are currently in Santo Domingo. Flight tickets, accommodation, food and activities will fit any budget. This city is a blend of modern Latin flair and old-world charm. You will find an incredible mix of historic fortresses and palaces mixed with shopping and nightlife of the 21st century.

Let travel websites be your best source for finding the best weekend getaways and discounts. Whether you already have a destination in mind or want to look at all the current deals, there may be an online discount code that you can use to save even more.


Tourism in Greece – an ideal destination for holiday activities

Greece's tourism industry has become one of the key elements of economic activity in the country. As Europe's leading tourist destination, Greece attracts millions of visitors from around the world every year. Its rich history and ancient culture make it a major tourist attraction. In addition, beautiful islands, amazing historical sites, long coastlines and sparkling beaches are also the basis for tourism growth in Greece.

Greece tourism – a historical overview

Tracing its roots in ancient times, tourism in Greece has undergone tremendous changes over the years. Before the rise of Roman domination over the Western Mediterranean, the Greeks of Magna Graeca exchanged their culture with the Roman Republic. However, with the annexation of Greece by Roman emperors, this cultural exchange was gaining momentum. Modern Greek tourism began to flourish between 1960 and 1970, when various large-scale construction projects were carried out.

What to do in Greece?

In addition to its many historical landmarks, Greece also offers a wide range of activities to turn your holidays into adventures. Here are some of the most famous activities you should not miss while vacationing in Greece –

  • Bird watching in wetlands: Macedonia, a wetland in northern Greece is a major bird watching area. You can find over 300 migratory and resident bird species on Lake Kerkini, located on the Strimonas River. The best time to observe species such as spades, pelicans, ducks, herons, storks, bats, pupils and eagles in Kerkini is between April and July.
  • Ithaca and Kefalonia sea kayaks: Located on the coastline of 15,000 km, Greece has a variety of water sports to make your holidays enjoyable. Sea Kayaking is one of them. While on a hopeful tour of Ithaca and Kefalonia, you should not miss a kayak in the cool ocean. While you are kayaking, you will see breathtaking views and spectacular limestone cliffs.
  • Sailing in Aegina: Sailing in the deep waters of Greece is another exciting experience for you. It takes you directly into contact with the sun, wind and sea. Although challenging, you can expect good rewards when you learn how to sail. Aegina Island offers an ideal place for sailing training. In addition, you can enjoy adventure sports such as snorkeling and swimming.
  • Mountain adventures in Thessaly: Situated beneath the healthy Mount Olympus, the Thessaly region specializes in providing fun adventure sports and outdoor activities. In this region you can try different sports such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, sea kayaking and canoeing.
  • Windsurfing in Paros: Paros is home to the New Golden Beach, which hosts the professional Windsurfing Association World Cup. Exposure to steady winds of meltemas in the summer makes it an ideal surfing spot. However, if you are a student, you may prefer a time when the wind is relatively less strong.

New York Travel Tips for Older Tourists

With its many historic sites, buildings, museums and vibrant culture, New York City attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. However, it is not necessary for young people and families to be able to enjoy a vacation in a thriving city. There are many options for making the tour enjoyable as well as accessible for older visitors. Older citizens visiting the city, alone or with family members, can enjoy the tour if they plan carefully. The pleasant public transportation system and affordable accommodation will come as a pleasant surprise to them.

Transportation in New York for seniors

Fortunately, seniors visiting different parts of New York do not have to deal with transportation problems much. If you are over 65, you may benefit from reduced city bus and metro fees. Most city buses have wheelchair lifts with the possibility of lowering the front entrance for easier access. Older people can also sit behind the driver.

Planning for a sightseeing trip in New York is important for older visitors

Tourist attractions in and around New York are enough, but older visitors should plan carefully. Attractions that require a lot of walking or climbing stairs can make them feel tired soon. Keep in mind that places like Central Park and Times Square can be best explored by walking.

Senior visitors who still do not like to walk, want to cover the most iconic landmarks and places in the city, have two options. Traveling by bus will cover a lot of spots, or a boat trip around the Manhattan area should be sufficient for them. The Manhattan Island cruise takes more than 2 hours to cover the Statue of Liberty, Roosevelt Island and Ellis Island. Using the bus network is economical as it is. It is better to check the bus routes online beforehand. Gray Line Bus Tours are quite popular and the routes cover the Statue of Liberty and other best sightseeing options in the city.

Affordable tourist attractions for seniors in New York

A number of tourist attractions in New York City are accessible to adult visitors. It is a good idea to visit the museums during the day as the elderly receive free admission. Some attractions have special classes such as the Museum of Modern Art and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The Bronx Zoo has the option of paying what you can afford for admission.

Older people who plan to explore the city in a week must choose the New York City Pass. Helps to save money and time. It includes major discounts on attractions such as the Empire State Building, the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The pass also entitles buyers to choose the Hayden Planetarium exhibit and the Line Sightseeing Cruise. Older visitors with grandchildren can get better discounts on the companion.

Getting closer to nature

For some elderly visitors, New York's grandiose buildings may seem less desirable than natural landmarks such as parks and a zoo. They must head to various parks in the city. The historic city of Richmond, the Central Park Zoo and the Queens Farm Museum are ideal for such visitors.


6 travel tips to follow if you are going to visit Tibet

If you are planning to travel to Tibet, we suggest you follow the tips below. They will help you prepare for the tour and avoid common problems. Read on to know more.

1. Plan ahead

Make sure you book the tour at least 20 days before the day. It usually takes between 48 and 72 hours to confirm reservations. You will need to wait an additional 10 days for permission to enter Tibet. In addition, you must be granted login permission to cope with new restrictions.

2. Get permission to enter Tibet

If you are a non-Chinese traveler, you must apply for a Tiber entry permit. In addition, the only way to get into Tibet is to join a group. These days, individual travelers are not allowed to enter Tibet for tourism. Also, your tour must be booked in advance through a reliable travel agency. In addition, you must be accompanied by an experienced and licensed guide.

3. Choose the best travel months

Overall, the best time to go to Tibet is between May and October. There is a lot of oxygen content during these months and the weather is quite comfortable. It's a good idea to visit Tibet, where there aren't many visitors.

Typically, Tibet is closed in February and March. Therefore, you may want to plan your tour in other months to be safe.

4. Take your supplies

You should get warm clothes like runes and sweaters, even if you are traveling to Tibet in the summer. The reason is that nights out there are usually pretty cold. If you want to climb Everest, you need to have a thick coat with you. In addition, you must have sunglasses for you to protect from the strong sunlight.

You must also use quality lip cream. Wearing comfortable walking shoes is also a good idea. If you are going to be traveling for long journeys, you should also keep your snacks with you.

5. Keep yourself healthy

If you're slightly ill before you enter Tibet, don't even think about climbing a mountain. The reason is that higher altitude can worsen your illness. So, all you have to do is calm down, warm up, drink lots of water, and take your medicine. Once you are back in good shape, you can go as high as you want.

6. Grab a train or fly

The most convenient way to enter Tibet is to fly. However, if you want to enjoy the incredible views, taking a train is a better idea. But it is not recommended as it will be a long trip and it will take you years to reach your destination.

In short, here are some tips you might want to follow if you are planning a trip to Tibet this year. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your trip will be comfortable, enjoyable and safe. I hope these tips will help you.


Five tips for choosing the perfect honeymoon destination in Italy

Getting married in Italy is a dream come true. After your wedding in Italy, it will be time to enjoy your honeymoon in Italy. Choosing a honeymoon destination in Italy is easy if you follow my five tips for choosing the perfect honeymoon destination in Italy:

Step 1: What time of the year do you get married in Italy?

Before choosing a honeymoon destination in Italy, you need to know the time of the year you are getting married in Italy. For example, if you are getting married in Italy in the summer, then you may want to choose a coastal honeymoon destination in Italy, as cities are usually hot and crowded. Both the Amalfi Coast and Portofino are amazing. You can also choose from many Italian islands such as Capri, Sardinia and the Aeolians. However, if you get married in the winter, these honeymoon destinations in Italy may not be as beautiful and vibrant in the cold months. In the meantime, you may want to think of a city vacation like Rome, Florence or even Venice.

Step 2: What do you want to do on your honeymoon?

After your wedding in Italy is over, you'll need to decide whether you just want to relax and enjoy the area you were married in or travel to a new destination during your honeymoon in Italy. If you want to be active after your wedding in Italy, then cities are better as they have more to look at and do. Here are some ideas: In Tuscany you can travel to small medieval towns and vineyards for wine and olive oil tastings. In Rome you can visit the Vatican and other historical monuments. In Florence you can see the famous sculpture of David and the art of the Ufizi Museum. However, if you just want to relax and unwind after your wedding in Italy, then you may want to rent a private villa in Tuscany with great views. You can also head to one of the Italian islands and sit on the beach and soak in the Italian sun!

Step 3: How much time do you have to spend for your honeymoon in Italy?

If you only have a few days, you may want to choose a honeymoon destination in Italy that is close to where your wedding was held in Italy. For example, if you've had a wedding on the Amalfi Coast, the perfect honeymoon destination is Capri Island. Or if you were married in Portifino, then Lake Como or Sardinia might be a better choice as they are closer. If your wedding in Italy took place in Florence, then you might want to consider a honeymoon in Luca or even Chianti. However, if you have a few weeks off from work and responsibilities, then you might consider getting a train pass and traveling all over the country, or possibly booking a villa. The choice is yours!

Step 4: Want to explore the country?

Italy is a small country and has a great train system. You can easily get from one place to another within a few hours. This will allow you to visit many parts of Italy during your honeymoon in Italy. In fact, after your wedding in Italy is over, you can hop on a train where a first-class ticket is cheap and be in another amazing city by lunch!

Step 5: What is your budget?

Some areas of Italy are very seasonal and finding an amazing hotel can be very expensive. For example, if you want to spend your honeymoon in Italy at the famous summer destination of Italy Porto Cervo in Sardinia, expect to spend a lot of money. However, there are many small towns and cheaper places on the island of Sardinia to spend your honeymoon in Italy. The key is to try to travel in shoulder season. The weather is usually still good, the crowds are less and the prices are cheaper.

As you can see, there are only a few things to think about before booking your honeymoon destination in Italy.


Nile River tourist activities and tips

The name Nile is derived from the Greek word Neilos, meaning valley, the Nile River is the longest river in the world whose source is known to Jinja Uganda. It is a large river from northeast Africa, which begins its journey in well-irrigated areas near the equator and then flows northward through the terrible Sahara desert before discharging into the eastern Mediterranean. The river is 6695 km long. The river flows through a total of nine countries, although it is most connected to Uganda and Egypt. Other countries include Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan.

This longest river consists mainly of two main branches, namely the white and blue Nile, which then joins Khartoum and forms the Main Nile, which consists of the Egyptian Nile and the Cataract Nile. The longest segment of the White Nile is further divided into three 1] Central Sudan Region; 2] the Court; and 3] the area of ​​Lake Plateau.

The Nile has played a major role in the civilizational life and history of some of these countries, especially Egypt and Uganda. The Nile is a source of energy for the Ugandans, as the countries that are damned for electricity are built on the Nile. It also provided water for human life and its coasts were so fertile that despite the fact that Egypt was a dry land, it allowed the Egyptians to sustain their lives through irrigation and fertile soils along the coasts. The Nile also supplied water to animals such as crocodiles that live on the river bank in Egypt. Egyptian Nile crocodiles are about 4 meters long, although some are reported to be longer.

The Nile as a river has much to offer tourists ranging from boat trips to springs, to activities such as rafting, kayaking, Victoria Nile fishing and bungee jumping in Uganda. For Egypt, this is a whole new story, as there is much to explore along the Nile coast, including historical sites. People interested in experiencing the Nile, up close and personal, can travel along the famous river aboard river vessels that depart from many cities along the coast. On your every trip to Africa, the Nile – a natural wonder is one of the historical places you should not miss.


Travel destination in Japan – Kamakura

Located southeast of Tokyo, Kamakura is the route of almost all tourists. It used to be the political capital of the country. Later, his fame as a capital was lost to another city, but he remains a favorite tourist destination.

Kamakura has many attractions that bring tourists to this small town in large numbers, usually as a day trip from Tokyo. Set in an outdoor, scenic location, it is Japan's second tallest bronze Buddha statue. It is 13.35 meters high and is second to that of the Nadiya Temple in Toji. The Temple for the Goddess of Mercy Kanon sits in Hasendera. The 9.18 meters high goddess has eleven heads representing her various characteristics. Adjacent to the temple is the Amida-do Hall, which houses a three-meter high golden Buddha. From there you can visit the observation deck, which offers magnificent views of the city, and back at the base of the slope lies a beautiful garden with a temple – Benten-do – dedicated to the goddess of feminine beauty and wealth.

Kamkura's most valuable sanctuary is Tsurugaoka. It is dedicated to Hahiman, the god Samurai. The main hall has a museum that displays swords, masks and documents – the real treasures of the sanctuary. Of the five temples of Kamakura Zen, the Engakugji Temple is the most famous. The foundations of the temple include Shariden, a well-designed hall where Buddha's tooth rests. Engakunji glows color in the fall.

Kamakura's beaches come alive with people during the summer months as millions gather in the historic city to witness the New Year's celebrations. In the spring, it is a custom for the Japanese to visit the Zenari Benten Shrine to wash money. This is thought to double the money – it's worth a shot.


Travel Tips – Top destinations in Vietnam, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

If you’ve never thought of Vietnam as a top travel destination, you’re probably not alone. However, you will also miss a grand, unique and exciting experience. Vietnam is like no other country on earth and boasts an excellent culture thanks to the country’s rich history. Although Vietnam is not a very large country, it has a high level of geographical diversity, which means that you can pursue a variety of different experiences in one trip. Here are some of the top travel destinations in Vietnam, from cities to quiet retreats.
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Hanoi: This is the capital of Vietnam and is a common point of arrival. Hanoi is the second largest city in Vietnam and offers a grand merger of eastern and western cultures due to French and Chinese influence from past professions. Aside from the stunning architecture, Hanoi offers an impressive array of museums and lively nightlife.
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Ho Chi Minh City: Also known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s most populous metropolis and is a major tourist attraction. The city is rich in cultural and historical destinations, including the Unification Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral. Ho Chi Minh also offers several water parks and other places to enjoy nature.
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Phan Thiet: This city of 350,000 attracts most visitors not because of its lively shopping districts, but rather because of its impressive array of resorts. Phan Thiet is close to Mui Ne, a small fishing village that is Vietnam’s most famous beach. Due to all the resorts, Phan Thiet is full of restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues. In addition, Phan Thiet offers surfing, kite, surfing, parachuting and other extreme experiences.
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Hoi An: This city was once a lively port, hitting its height in the 16th and 17th centuries. Now, Hoi An is a World Heritage Site that is a major tourist attraction because of the distinct culture that emerged from the wide range of cultural influences that arrive by sea. Although small, Hoi An has plenty to see, including four museums, several landmarks and seasonal festivals and events.
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No Trang: This seaside city is Vietnam’s most famous resort and is so enticing that you may forget that you are in Vietnam. Diving abounds in Nha Trang and there are many cruises, live music and other forms of entertainment. Nha Trang also boasts a healthy shopping scene and several museums and landmarks.


Free Lite Packing and Travel Tips

As there are many great places to visit and the vibrant idea of ​​”this is a big, beautiful world out there” is true, we are here to help you explore and rejuvenate with all your heart! For this reason, the key to packaging is smart and intelligent.
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Here is a trick that will make it easier for you to travel. Always keep a few pairs of leggings and casual jeans. This will help you eliminate the endless misery of coincidence and prevent your sense of style.
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Another effective trick to avoid last minute hassles is to plan ahead and book your hotel rooms in advance! Look for a hotel booking website that partners with different hotels to provide you with comfortable accommodation at cheap rates! Effective travel advice with ease and hassle! For a better itinerary check for hotel photos on the hotel reservations website before booking your hotel online.
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Another handy travel tip is to start packing small luggage or carry-ons, which can help save you time at the airport, with all the fiasco checking going on all the time. Learn how to fold and pack your clothes and essentials in one suitcase and other essential items to carry for a seamless and comfortable journey forward.
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Plan ahead and make a list!

Write down every detail and piece of paper that will help you minimize the hassle and allow you to pack in a systematic way. Similarly, decide on a budget for accommodation and expenses that will not “hurt your bank” and make your trip worthwhile. Look for a reliable hotel reservation website that will help you effectively meet your needs. Another tip: Book a hotel online that is closer to the best attraction for travel destinations. This will save you time and expense!
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Another effective tip for packing and traveling is to wrap your clothes in a suitcase. You can select and combine several outfits and wind them together, saving you time along the route. Jeans, shirts and leggings are easier to roll and fit. However, sweaters and jackets can take up a lot of space, eliminating any unnecessary clothing in advance.

Go for a handy pair of sneakers or joggers, they go with literally everything! In addition to making a style statement, you can also walk away comfortably with the added bonus: Joggers / sneakers help keep your feet dry!

The world is not as dangerous as the media does. Be careful about schematic situations, but don’t let this be the focus of your entire trip. Use common sense and you will be fine. Most people are friendly, reliable, generous, and willing to help you.

If you want to see the parts of the city where real people live and work, you have to visit them. The best way to do this is on foot – without knowing exactly where you are going. Write down the name of your hotel so you can catch a taxi if necessary, then just choose a direction and start walking.

Don’t worry too much if you run into dangerous neighborhoods, as locals will usually warn you before you get this far.

Happy Travel!


11 amazing travel tips to enjoy your vacation

Spending holidays with your loved ones is always a fun activity. However, you will find many who claim that they did not enjoy their vacation even though they received the best travel deals. Here you must understand that spending a pleasant vacation is not only getting the right deals for travel, but also for proper planning, budgeting and then packing. If you are also planning to go on vacation after getting the best travel deals to make your trip economical but great, there are a variety of tips to keep in mind. These tips are as follows:
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1. If you are planning a vacation on your own, then choose the holiday destination of your choice, but if you are planning it with your friends or family, then get their agreement as well.
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2. Budget your vacations and for that, make sure you know the estimated cost of everything before the budgeting phase. Keep in mind that once you understand how much the best accommodation deals will cost you only then, you will be able to buy them for your comfortable stay at the place of your dream.
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3. Try to plan your budget appropriately to enjoy your vacation. However, it depends on your approach. For example, if you want to spend your vacation in a luxury hotel in London, then you can save money to make that dream come true. This will be your hard work to make your dream come true. In the case of smart work, you can look for the best luxury hotel deals in London to save you some money.
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4. Nowadays, getting luxury hotel deals anywhere you want is no problem. However, if you have a tight budget, you always either prefer budget hotels, or get discounted hotel rooms in luxury hotels to stay within your budget.

5. Always book your flight tickets and hotel rooms in advance to avoid any hassle later.

6. Pack your luggage a few days before you leave for your dream world. Remember to keep your clothes after washing. Also, try to avoid getting clothes that need ironing.

7. Pack your belongings according to the weather conditions of your holiday destination. Remember to keep your hat with you as it will keep you safe in all weather conditions. However, the type of hat you wear together may vary. For example, if you are about to visit a place in the winter, then a woolen knit hat will be comfortable as it will keep you warm.

8. Avoid wearing new shoes. Just think about what you will do if you find your new shoes uncomfortable. However, if you are packing your new holiday clothes, then always try them first before you pack them.

9. Packing all your belongings in a travel bag with wheels will come in handy as it will be easy to slide it anywhere you want without applying much force.

10. Remember to keep all your documents. It is also strongly recommended that you keep one set of photocopies, especially when traveling to another country or continent. Also, email them a scanned copy and your email address.

11. Always carry a first aid kit with you to handle emergencies while traveling.

So keep in mind all of the above handy tips to enjoy your vacation trip at its best.